Week 7- Day 3

11 Jul

A good day although a tough one. my feet are honestly on the verge of bleeding because of these shoes and blisters. we walk miles all day in over 100degree weather and yes its a bit humid here. In the morning we gave a blessing to a woman named maria. It was awesome to feel my priesthood at work. Of course my spanish grows a ton throughout the day. The best part though was the actvity at the church. Angela one of our investagaitors went with her family. I was feeling down and discouraged my feet near bleeding not sure how i was gonna walk home. Sitting in the chaple watching the smiles the people laughiing anglea and her family having fun me not understanding a word of what was said, was reminded so much of home and how the gospel and the happiness is for everyone! The spirit came so strong. I looked around and thought, I{m here to bring this to other people, all the people i can so that they can be with thier families forever. I almost cried, but thats how the spirit is, no matter where we are if we are in tune we can feel the blessings and gift of the spirit. the story gets better though one of the memebers drove us all home. i didnt have to walk on my dead feet. the lord literally solved my problem and comforted me. He didnt have to, but he loves me and all of the people on earth that much. im supposed to be here serving him and yet of course he still is serving me.


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