Week 6 – Day 6

20 Jun

sunday my last day in the mtc. i have about 10 awesome stories but ill only share a few.one was from sister williams in the branch presidencys wife. her 11yr old daughter flew solo and on thereturn flight there was a terrible storm and the plane couldnt land. the information was 20more minutes and the plane would delay to vegas and her daughter would be just fine with the flight attendents in the hotel there…yeah right lol, anyway sister williams went into the bathroom and cried unto heavenly father. she came back out and the information people had great news her daughters pilot had found a hole in the clouds and was landing. now you could say thats coincidence, but its not because ill tell you this no other plane landed in that airport that night. miracle at its best. i guess ill put two more stories i love them both. one is of maxine told to me by president hollister. maxine who was old 50-60 had terminal cancer. president hollister gave her a blessing but before he did, he through the spirit said these words, maxine you are a richeous woman, what ever you desire of the lord, he will grant you it. she asked to live long enough to take care of her husband. 18yrs later, still with terminal cancer when she should of lived a few more months, looking and acting as healthy as can be, her husband got sick, she was talking with president hollister and said you need to plan two funerals. that next day he died, and her the day after. the lord had indeed granted her wish. one more from president nash who was our devotional speaker. The story of josh barret. elder nash was then the mission president. well a shy elder but a very good one josh barret arrived in the field. he and his father before his mission were best friends. a year out in the field, joshs father died. josh had a peace though that his father wanted him to continue on, and so he did. till 2 days before he came home, he was killed instantly in a car crash. now that seems like a horrible story, but continue on joshs uncle at the funeral told this story of the dream he had had just the night before. i was ina room, simalar to a celastial room in the temple. a frantic search was on for a person to pair with a paticular gentelman, for they were reciving callings and he needed his companion. so finally the man spoke up and said i know just who. he ran out of the door and returned when in walks josh, who strode in and huged his new companion, his father. now, that puts death into prospective its just a passing into another part. a beautiful story and i just love the knowledge i have in the gospel and of things that comfort and give hope. if anyone reading this doesnt understand part of the blog or wants to know more about somthing please my email is james.marasso@myldsmail.net email me.


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