Week 6 – Day 4

20 Jun

Had trc, which is like a all day class that teaches you everything else you dont learn in the mtc. it was great and i do feel much more prepared. the teacher told us of a story of his mission. alex and her mom, and 2 friends ended up baptised from him. but he went much further, alex had a friend who wanted her to go to mass. so she of course went and the priest was bashing on guess who mormons. she finally stood up when he said and the Book of Mormon wasnt true. she said sir, i happen to be a mormon sand ive read and know the book of mormon is true, and the things you have said are simply not true…she was only 16 at the time ill add, so she walked out. after mass, several memebers of the chatholic church came up and asked her to know more about this book of mormon, she ended up being the missionary for them. love that story:)


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