Week 5 – Day 6

17 Jun

few jokes from our speaker Mary edmunds tonight.
One day a baby mouse was scurrying along, when out jumped a cat, the mom quickly jumped infront of her baby and started barking..the cat quickly ran away, it was then that the mom mouse said, isnt it good to know a forieghn lanuage.
another is…A lady woke up with only 3 hairs so she said im going to braid them. the next day with only two…so she said i suppose i shall part them down the middle. the next day she woke up with only 1, when she exclaimed i think ill wear a pony tail..the next day no hairs left, she sighed in relief and said i guess i dont have to do my hair anymore!….she was posotive!
one last one…There stood goliath…giant as ever, one jew exclaimed how can we ever hit him, it was then that david shouted, how can we ever miss!


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