Week 5 – Day 3

17 Jun

This is just side note a spirital story from a few days ago…wanted to jot it down, The story’s about 2friends who were in the pre-existance togeather, who are both about to be sent down to earth. one was going to be born in america in a family in the gospel, another in mexico, with a poor family and not in the gospel. the friends before the part, the one going to mexico says, promise me you{ll find me. i have no idea…if that happened to me in my past, but im going to do all i can to make sure i find all the sould who need the gospel in thier life in mexico. The other missionaries going to hondorus in my group got thier travle plans…so hopfully we do soon! paday was good i got to go to the temple and read my blessing in it. it was really a spiritual booster for me.


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