Week 5 – Day 1

10 Jun

Russel M. Nelson of the quorum of the 12 was here!!!! He talked more about life after death and the power of the people dead and the spirit of Elijah is with our missionary work! He also said a good quote…life’s not for resting, if we wanted to rest, why bother with mortality! The feeling of when he bore his testimony is the best part though. It was so powerful, when he says I’m a special witness of Christ…he means it. you can just tell…looking in his eyes…he’s seen many profound things, that we wont ever know about until after we have died. it was an awesome talk i loved it. Another short story…sister gerky of our branch presidency talked about from her friend. her friend does a lot of family history…well she had a dream about one of the people that she needed to find some sort of deed or something to make a link to her family..so she called someone way down the family line in Missouri, asked him to look in the court house..he did and was looking through some books didn’t see it. well as he was leaving a book sticking out of the shelf the opposite direction was sticking out..so he grabbed it and out fell the piece of paper…coincidence. some people might say, but i know better the person who wanted their work done on the other side…that’s what it was nothing short of a miracle. 


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