Pre-Mission Thoughts

15 Apr

So i thought id start this blog off right for those who are gonna try and follow it, with my permission thoughts. Its Thursday night, the Thursday before my date to report to the MTC. The MTC for those who don’t know is the Missionary Training Center. My training will be in Provo, Utah. I’ll be there for about 6 weeks under going 14hr days of training in Spanish and gospel and cultural related things. So today I’ve pretty much finished shopping, which for those of you who know me well, I’m not a big fan of it that’s been a great relief. I’ve also just been having spiritual boosters, i was able to give my second priesthood blessing, which let me tell you Ive never felt the spirit so strong in my whole life, it was to a lady who’s a very close family friend, more so id say shes pretty much family, it was a neat experience which i wont ever forget. My minds kinda been racing the last few days, as it gets closer and closer till i leave. I was able to visit Saint Louis, and see old friends and my old bishop who, honestly without him i don’t know that id be where i am at this particular moment, as i drove away from Saint Louis for the last time, all the people in my ward came out and waved me off, and it was very neat i cried as i drove away thinking how blessed i really was and how much i will miss them all. My feelings right now so that you can see what goes through a guys head before he leaves is of course that of to my friends and family. i will definitely miss the people in my life, but its also to excitement and peace of knowing who’s errand I’m about, following the commission of Christ to Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. That’s probably the scripture that’s most in my mind right now, knowing that I’m following the commission of my brother and savior Jesus Christ is a huge honor and i feel humbled and honored to be able to be worthy enough to serve in this commission. i think Ive said enough and bored you all, so ill write here again soon! i love you, and if you ever need anything you can email me or write me, i would love to hear from you. you can find all that information email and address posted here!


4 Responses to “Pre-Mission Thoughts”

  1. hannah08210 April 16, 2013 at 10:55 pm #

    This is Hannah and Bailey. Thanks for writing about us Elder Marasso!!! Ha! Just kidding. You should though. Since we are your bestest friends in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!! Miss you honey bun. Haha this is Hannah writing by the way. Just saying. Bailey says hi. Lots of kisses. Hehe

    xox- Bagel and Hanner Nanner!!

  2. baileymcgill April 16, 2013 at 11:17 pm #

    Chancey Pants! This is Bailey now. With her sidekick still typing (Hanner Nanner)… Haha I’m not emailing you first… Sooooo email me first. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA. Ha. Uhhh so Hannah has a charlie horse right now. We’re gonna go now. Have fun watching Disney movies. 🙂

    xox– Bagel and Hanner Nanner

  3. hannah08210 April 19, 2013 at 2:03 am #

    Chance!! Ashley, Bagel and Hanner here. I think we’re gonna start calling Ashley Hailey now.. So technically it’s Hailey, Bagel and Hanner here.. So we really miss you and we know you aren’t able to read these comments right now but oh well! You can read them when you get back. Writers block. Haha. We’re all laying on my (Hanner) bed and chillaxin and thinking of Bagel’s pet peeves which are: Stupid people, Mrs. Bruner, when people interrupt her and copy her (*cough* Chance *cough*) and Chance Marasso. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Ha. Ha ha. Hahahaha. Hah. I didn’t put that last ‘a’ on purpose. Does it bother you? I bet it do! Don’t it?!? It’s been a whole day since we’ve (Bagel) talked to you! Can’t believe you didn’t text the rest of us!!!!!!!!! (Hanner’s NOT HAPPY!) (Neither is Hailey..) Well, Hailey’s leaving right now. Say bye!! “Bye Chancey! I love you.” –Hailey. Haha! So earlier Haydi was in here too earlier and he wore shorts under his sweatpants and he got up, pulled his pants down and started shaking his butt lol it was pretty funny. You should’ve been here. (Haha his shorts were still on by the way). If you couldn’t tell it’s just me and Bagel now.. All alone. In my room. Together. On my bed. Haha! And when you get back on your Facebook read my statuses!!!!! Haha it was really funny from the 17th of April. Luba misses you too. So does my mom. Lol just kidding. This is a really long comment. But I guess it makes up for us not writing yesterday. We’re gonna write off Bagel’s account now so we’ll be back!!!

    xox–Bagel and Hanner Nanner (featuring Hailey) (and Haydi)

  4. baileymcgill April 19, 2013 at 2:24 am #

    Get ready! We’re back! And ready to ATTACK! Haha just kidding. We won’t attack you. Well maybe your blog, but that’s about it. We should post a lot of crap on your Facebook wall to surprise you when you get back here! We’ll leave you like 702948 billion notifications. That was not a random number. It was strategically estimated. Lol so when Haydi was in my room earlier he was snap chatting videos and pictures of all of us. And well he was videoing and then we found out and I was using my laptop to shield my face from the camera haha and he turned it toward me and I put the computer up and it fell on my face!!! It hurt pretty bad… But he got it on video!! It was funny. So I (Hanner) was talking about how if we went to the dance on Saturday and decided it was stupid that we could just go to your house and hang out but then I realized that you wouldn’t be there! It made me pretty sad. Well we’re gonna go.. TOODLES!!

    xox– Bagel and Hanner Nanner

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